BW1000: Galvanised Barbed Wire

BW1000: Galvanised Barbed Wire

Product Detail


BW1000 is a the most economical, long lasting and strong Barbed Wire which is designed after thorough understanding of the requirements of Indian Farmers. This give a life of around 8-10 Years making it very cost effective and reliable.

It is made from the Hot-Dipped Galvanised Heavy Zinc Coating Steel Wire.

Line Wire Diameter: ⌀2.00mm
Barb Wire Diameter: ⌀2.00mm

The approximate weight of bundle is 26.5Kg and each bundle has a length of 1000 Feet

The Zinc coating of BW1000 is sufficient to protect for corrosion for almost 5-7 Years.

BW1000 Galvanised Barbed Wire comes with weather protective Stretch wrap which keep the product fresh & clean till it\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\'s installation.

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BW1000: Galvanised Barbed Wire